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1. Whether the website is or not?
Yes, our website is We are the expanded network sale of exclusive agency with eight years sales experience. The products we provide include Adidas shoes, and we will update new products on sale we collected everyday. Now, our clients are spread all over the world, many distributors also purchase goods from us. These all because our high quality products and, what's more, complete pre-sale service and after-sales service. Therefore, you can rest assured!
2. Whether purchasing on this website is safe or not?
Yes, of course it is safe. Our website possesses reliable security system, while customers are visiting the web links, the whole process will be encrypted. No one can see your information except order system checking your address. Our engineers will constantly upgrade the safety procedures of our website that security is no problem!
3. Which type of delivery do you use?
Usually we use EMS. If the address of client is relatively special, we will use other expresses such as DHL, EMS, FedEx and UPS. The freight is according to the actual charging standard, and the express will send out in 48 hours, which usually needs three to five workdays to reach, while remote areas needs four to eight days. After receiving the goods, we support returning in 30 days and changing in 60 days.
4. Which payment terms can you accept?
We accept VISA, MasterCard. In the process of payment, please use AES_128_GCM to encrypt, verifying identity, and use ECDHE_RSA as key exchange mechanism. If error occurred while purchasing, we will afford a full refund service. Please rest assured that we have perfect after-sales service.
5. How does your return policy stipulate?
If you are not satisfied with your commodity, you can contact us in 30 days after signing. Please keep the accessories and original package of commodity intact, our after-sales team will handle in time. The freight should be charged by customer, and the commodity will get a full refund.
If you want to change, please contact us in 60 days after signing. Please protect the accessories and original package of commodity, we will confirm the integrity of commodity. The freight should be charged by customer. We will replace for a new commodity you need in 24 hours after receiving the primary product.
A thing to watch is that you should take photos to ensure the integrity of commodity and keep the accessories in readiness.
6. How to check my order status?
You can login your individual account on our website, then you will see your order status in your account. If your order has any renewal, you will get an e-mail to inform you that you have released order successfully, and there is another e-mail to inform you after your payment is successful. If necessary, please contact us with e-mail.
7. How to trace my order?
There will be e-mails to inform delivery information in 24 hours. You can also login the web backend to check the order information. The e-mails will inform you specific information, including a tracking number, which is a group of numbers, through which you can check the position of commodity . Of course, you can also find it in your shopping cart information.
8. How can I cancel my order?
If your order has not purchased, we will not update and handle the order. We only handle orders have purchased. If you want to cancel your order which has been purchased, please contact us in 24 hours, or else we cannot stop the transportation. In that case, it is necessary for you to pay the freight, we can bear a full refund of commodity. 
We hope to give you a perfect shopping experience through the quality of commodity. If you suffer from any question, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly.